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We SHARE our PROFIT with your favourite CREW. Book the cruise and get CRUISE TIPS from CREW MEMBERS!

What are the benefits?

Insight Cruise Consulting

Each BnP advisor is an active or retired cruise-ship crew. So, you will have deep and confident answer from the person, who serves interesting for you service.

Support the Crew

We share our income with the best cruise-ship crew. We believe it is a strong foundation to make your cruise experience better every day.

Cruise Cash-Back, Cruise-Hero Program

Breeze and Pix Travel gives up to 2% back after your cruise


It is a unique tool that CONNECTS FAMILY TOGETHER.

The conversation about WHO IS THE BEST CREW FROM THIS CRUISE will be an exiting topic during Your next Cruise-Family dinner.

Try it too!



Discuss and agree with your loved ones WHO is your favourite crew member on this cruise.


Take Cruise-Hero`s contacts (add Him/Her in Facebook or WhatsApp)


Take a silly picture with Cruise-Hero AND a Name-tag picture (to live him a great comment in the Cruise Line survey 😁)


Send us the picture of You with Cruise-Hero and His/Her contact. During next 7 days we will contact the Cruise-Hero to finalize the reward option.

About me

Hello Cruiser! 

My name is Anton. 7 years of my life I was working as a photographer for one of the biggest cruise line in the World. On the way I explored one of my biggest dreams: To work in cruise industry and have an office ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD. This simple idea guided me to relocate to Canada and start BREEZE AND PIX cruise travel agency: The first cruise travel agency by Crew!

During my years on different ships I realized that crew members and our great service – are two of the strongest reasons WHY Guests constantly choose a cruise  against any other  kind of vacation. And we extremely thankful for that!

If this thought resonates with you, it brings me a great joy to think that I am on the right direction and you are in the right place! 

You can also help to unite the best hospitality professionals in one community and INSPIRE US TO MAKE YOUR CRUISE EXPERIENCE EVEN BETTER!

THANK YOU from me and ALL the CREW on board for choosing the cruise for your vacation!

My cruise Guests about Me

Based on Google reviews

Anton is professional, thorough, and so kind. While my husband and I have not used his services, Anton took beautiful professional photos of us on our cruise to Mexico. Anything he does is high class! You won’t regret working with him.
I have worked with Anton personally and was quite impressed with his professionalism, and his talent. He is personable and made a favorable experience with my family and myself. I’d highly recommend him based on my encounters with him.
We loved Anton when he did our pictures!! He was so friendly and easy to work with. The girls had a blast!! I would recommend him to anyone!!

Help me to UNITE the best hospitality crew in one community and INSPIRE all crew to make YOUR CRUISE EXPERIENCE EVEN BETTER!


Most frequent questions and answers

By booking with Breeze and Pix Travel you will get extra value for the same price:

  1. Insight information from cruise crew members.
  2. Our cruise price = Cruise Line price.
  3. Cruise cash-back and crew support program.

Due to specific of cruise industry most of travel agents can match and usually WILLING TO MATCH the price for their guests with the price offered by Cruise Line directly.

It is an extra to your cruise expanses IF the travel agent charges service fees. Breeze and Pix Travel WILL NOT charge you service fees for cruise booking or consultation within 2024!

Also, as a member of Nexion Group, Breeze and Pix Travel has an access to special offers and deals from Cruise lines which are usually not available when you book directly.

Absolutely NOT. During the call we will be talking about your cruise preferences, previous travel experience and cruise goals.

BONUS. Once you confirm the call with your email, I will send you a PDF file with the topic that I KNOW THE BEST: How to prepare for your Family photo session on the cruise ship. You might be thinking you don’t need it but once you are on the ship there is a strong possibility for your opinion to be changed.

It is a great news! You can book a call and share your story about your Cruise-Hero. Me and your Cruise-Hero crew will highly appreciate that!

Your favourite crew from previous cruises will receive a special invitation to join BnP community under unique conditions. It means: higher commission and increased first invitation bonus for them!

OR, you can tell your story  on Breeze and Pix Facebook page: Follow the page and send us a message. After that we will post your story to recognize your Cruise-Hero.

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It is nice to meet you! Take a moment to follow us in Instagram and send a direct message ( to start a conversation! 

Why is Breeze N Pix the sure stop to book the cruise?

Short video to explain more about your cruise benefits!

It costs nothing but benefits to book with Travel Agent.

Why not to book the cruise with Breeze and Pix Travel then? 😀